Current Projects

Tree Canopy Campaign

Scott’s Addition has been awarded 2 grants to plant trees in our neighborhood.

  • $3,000 Tree Stewards Grant (10 Trees)
  • $20,000 Alliance for Chesapeake Bay Grant (75 trees)

Within the Scott’s Addition Historic District, the City has identified 540 existing planting sites that are in need of trees. These grants will enable us to occupy 16 % of the existing planting areas!

As part of the grant requirements, SABA will contribute $7,000 in-funds / in-kind donation to maintain the trees over the next couple of years. Additionally we will provide educational segments to enhance the communities’ knowledge on caring for our trees.

The initial focus is to plant trees along Roseneath, Norfolk and Summit Avenues. Community participation is instrumental to the success of this project.

The remaining trees will be planted utilizing a City contractor later this year.

Our plan is to kick off the Tree Canopy Campaign with planting 85 trees in 2015. We hope the City will match this effort in the spring of 2016. Additionally, we will enroll in the City’s Adopt-A-Tree program and encourage businesses and residents to participate in the Fall of 2016, ($50/tree). The goal is to have 300 trees planted by the end of 2016 !!!

We also need Tree Stewards in our neighborhood to care for these trees. SABA will reimburse the cost of the class upon successful completion.

Become a Tree Steward

Also a BIG shoutout to the following groups for donating $1,700 to this effort without even asking:

  • Handcraft Cleaners
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Broad Street Veterinarian
  • Phipps & Bird

Ready to donate? Click the text below.

Donate Now!

Neighborhood Trash Cans

Have you noticed, there just aren’t that many trash cans around Scott’s Addition? With the exception of the rolling cans or a dumpster - there’s really no place for the public to toss garbage after visiting one of our amazing businesses. 

That’s why the Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association (SABA) is in the process of purchasing a bulk amount of wire mesh trash cans (see picture) to be placed around the neighborhood. These trash cans would be located in areas with high amounts of pedestrian traffic and near businesses that potentially create a lot of trash like say a cafe or bar. We’ve spoken with the Richmond Public Waste director who says the cans will be emptied on the city’s weekly or daily schedule after they are installed and depending on their location.

Now, here’s where you come in! While SABA will purchase some cans - business owners have reached out asking to purchase their own; some wanting two or three. If that’s you - please click the link to make your purchase. We have to order 10 or more to get the $170 per can rate. Orders must be received by January 1, 2018 - to ensure you get in on this first order.

If you have questions or concerns please contact

Click below to purchase one or more trash cans at $185 (includes $15 to cover shipping).

SABA Social Hour 

The Association holds a social hour every other month at rotating host venues throughout the neighborhood.

  • Every other Third Thursday (visit us on Facebook for dates and locations)
  • 5-6pm + 
  • Free and open to all residents and businesses

If you or your business is interested in hosting an event or volunteering please contact Carter Snipes -

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